Office Bearers

I have pleasure in advising that the following people were elected at TEM’s AGM on 26 November.

President                                                             Michael Norbury
Senior Vice President                                        Joe Hough
Treasurer                                                             Bruce Cook
Secretary                                                             Oenone Ritman
Vice President Men                                            Tony Dudley
Men’s Division Secretary                                   Vacancy
Vice President Women                                      Phil Kennedy
Women’s Division Secretary                              Penny Senior
Vice Presidents Juniors                                     Christie Freeman & Ben Spincer
Junior’s Division Secretary                                Vacancy
Marketing                                                           Vacancy
Social                                                                 Vacancy
Records Secretary                                            Vacancy
Communications                                               Vacancy
Men’s Masters                                                   Alan Leary
Women’s Masters                                             Vacancy
Equipment                                                        Vacancy
Umpires & Officials Coordinator                      Pip Dudley
Member Protection Officer                              Chris Graven

Vacancies still exist for Men’s Division Secretary, Junior’s Division Secretary, Marketing, Social, Records Secretary, Communications, Women’s Masters and Equipment

We are looking for volunteers to fill these roles and if you are interested please contact me.

Life Membership

I also have great pleasure in advising that Rob MacPhie was awarded Life Membership of the Club at the meeting.

Oenone Ritman