2015 Presentation Night Wrap

WOW. What a night! We’re sure that there will be a few sore heads going round this morning, but it was definitely well worth it. Thanks to all that helped in organising such a brilliant event, especially the tireless work from Nicole MacPhie, Braden Pitcher, Hugh McLaughlin, Campbell McLaughlin, Jacqui Gibbons, Anna Clothier, Chris MacPhie, Nicki Pitcher and Leesa Needham for taking the awesome photos!

We think the photo above sums our year up perfectly, such a great and inclusive family club. It's impossible not to look at this pic without pride.

It’s safe to say that was our best presentation night ever! Head on over to our Facebook page to enjoy all of the photos from such a special night. Full list of our amazing award winners below: #tempres15 #ohwhatanight


Bruce Hulston Perpetual Trophy (Best Club Person) – Pip Dudley

Bruce Prossor Perpetual Trophy (Services to Men’s Hockey) – Evan Jewell

Mary Lofthouse Award (Services to Women’s Hockey) – Kris Tulloch

Mary (Mouse) Dobson Memorial Award (Services or Excellence in Umpiring) – Charles Norbury

Ron Penpraze Memorial Award (Contribution to Junior Girls Hockey) – Leesa Needham

Joe Hough Snr Trophy (Most Improved Male Player) – Cam McKenzie

Mike “Grumpy” Taylor Award (Most Improved Female Player) – Sonia Burman



Men’s Vic League One – Matt Pitcher

Men’s Vic League One Reserves – Will Harty

Men’s Pennant A – Andrew Needham

Men’s Pennant C – Matt Stewart

Men’s Metro B – Stu MacPhie

Men’s Masters Over 35B – Andy Martin

Men’s Masters Over 35C – Terry Chung

Men’s Masters Over 45D Most Improved Player – Tony Dudley

Men’s Masters Over 50B Most Improved Player – Tim Loughnan



Women’s Premier League – Amelia Hough

Women’s Premier League Reserves – Prue Verrier

Women’s Pennant B – Karen Bussell

Women’s Pennant C – Eugenie Rickard

Women’s Metro A – Carol McKenzie & Eliza Shrimpton

Women’s Masters Over 35A “Master of Masters” Award – Lue Hanson

Women’s Masters Over 35B “Rookie of the Year” Award – Yvette Schroeder