Read on for an extensive wrap of our junior summer teams!

TEM has fielded teams in 2 competitions this summer – 7 indoor teams at Dandenong, and 7 teams at the Central Flames Summer6s comp (1/4 pitch) at Melbourne High School.  With over 115 kids registered across the 2 comps, that’s at least a 40% increase on last year.  Its been a great season with so many people involved in ensuring the success of both comps.  Following is a brief overview of how everyone went.


U10 – Teresa Leonard coached 10 players, three of whom were beginners, and all of them very keen to get involved.   Such a welcoming introduction to competitive hockey where the kids could try out some new skills.  Great work to Cate, Elliot, Ben, Sky, Ben, Anna, Sophia, Paige, Toby and Chloe.

U12 – Tornadoes, Cyclones and Hurricanes took the field every week with the assistance of Annette Ross and Victor Romagosa.  New players, kids doubling up and moving between teams and age groups was the norm and there were lots of friendships consolidated.  Our top age U12 players showed just how ready they are to move up to U14s next year.  Game play improved to show more skill and development as the season progressed and the teams became settled.  Well done to:  Sam, Eli, Anny, Jay, Rex, Sandy, Lucy, Camryn, Sandy, Will, Emmanuelle, Lizzy, Molly, William, Alex, Georgie, Flick, Grace, Aurelia, Bennett and Sky.

U14 – Thunder and Lightning also welcomed some beginners who managed to find their way quickly.   Well done to Thunder who progressed to the final.  Thank you to Annette Ross for guiding the teams.  Self directed coaching, lots of new players, changing team line ups each week – players should be commended for taking it in their stride and playing well each week.  Congratulations to all players:  Natalie, Roy, Andre, Max, Oliver, Christian, Cam, Sami, Alex, Ellie, Flynn, Will, Finn and Che.

U16 – manager Jennifer Sjostrom also asked the players to organise and coach themselves.  With another two beginners to competitive hockey, they won their way to the final, where they played and defeated MCC.  A great result for this team to earn a pennant for the clubhouse!  Well done to:  Wil, Marcus, Christian, Holly, Nick, Oliver, Will, Noah, Mackenzie and Sophie.

U16 Summer6s

Thanks to all the parents who jumped in and offered players coaching advice, and for manning the BBQ.  Well done players and supporters you did TEM proud.


U13 Pennant – a season disrupted for many by Central Flames Zone Challenge commitments, this team was helped out each week by U13 Shield players to make up the numbers and provide stability.  We met our aims with this very young group of players to introduce them to the fun of playing indoor and learning some new skills to take to the outdoor season next year.  Well done to: BJ, Hayden, Toby, Rex, Georgina, Lucy, Harrison, Will, Luke, Jonny, William.  Thanks to coach Rachel Graven.

U13 Shield – we welcomed a couple of players from other clubs and ended up with a largish squad of very talented players – Luke, Bailey, Noah, William, Oliver, Nick, Matthew, Finn, Remy, Richard.   Four players made the U13 State indoor squad – an incredible achievement and we’re really excited to see everyone continue to develop.  They finished 3rd on the ladder, finishing off with a big win against competition leaders Camberwell.  Thank you to coach Mitch Eager.

U15 Pennant – with only 4 core players after having lost a couple to injury and other commitments, we boosted this team with players from U13 Shield and U15 Shield each week.  The aim was always to give the core players the much needed experience of building indoor hockey skills in the right environment and we’re confident they were able to take a lot away from the season.  Congratulations to Sean, Will, Conor G, Conor H and Finley.  Thank you to coach Rick Barry.

U15 Shield – another mostly experienced line up of Kobe, Rachel, Charlotte, Luke, Cam, Marcus, Campbell, Alex, Conor and Rachel, they enjoyed some exciting wins.  Learning to work in a new team setting was a key part of the season.   With 6 wins they showed plenty of fight and finished 3rd on the ladder, a very solid result.  Thank you to coach Stuart Westmore.

U15 Shield


U18 Shield – a young team for this age group, they will have another two years to build a strong team.  They also had some wins against strong opposition. Players Oliver, Andy, Aimee, Kobe, Sam, Nick and Cam learnt the importance of executing the basics well, every time, and that the umpires are not to be negotiated with, lessons that they will be sure to take into their senior hockey next year.  Thank you to coaches Evan Jewell and Cam McLaughlin.

U18 Shield


U15 Girls (Tornadoes and Thunder) – it has been very exciting to introduce 15 young girls to the enjoyment of girls-only indoor hockey this season and watch them develop some awesome skills and knowledge of what for most is a completely new sport.  Tornadoes ended up with a slightly more stable line up enabling them to make it through to the final where they drew 4-4 with Doncaster.  There wasn’t a lot between the teams, though, and Thunder also demonstrated the benefits of a huge learning curve, playing off for 3rd against Kew.   Congratulations to:  Eugenie, Gemma, Claire, Ellie, Rachel, Charlotte, Rachel, Enya, Eliza, Ruby, Stella, Milly, Charlotte, Becky and Annabel.  Thank you coaches Gemma Donataccio and Phil Wagg.  

U15G Thunder

U15G Tornadoes


Thank you to Victor particularly for helping the Summer 6s get underway.  Pip Dudley coordinated the Summer 6s each week, Ben Spincer coordinated the Sunday indoor teams, and team managers Vicki, Christie, Oenone, Chris and Phil also played an important part.  Let’s also not forget the indoor umpires – Kobe, Pip, David, Andrew, Chris and Ben, and our junior umpires from Summer6s – Cam, Mackenzie, Nick, Oliver, Oliver, Pat, Sophie and Wil.

Well done everybody for seeing it through a busy term 4 of summer hockey.  Enjoy a well earned rest over the festive season and we look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and ready to go next year!