Wow, it’s week 6 already and all of our senior teams will be a third of the way through their season after this rounds set of matches. Time is absolutely flying by! We wish that the preseason went by as quick…

Last weekend was certainly a great one for all of our junior teams, with only two losses out of 10 teams in action. All of their hard work is most certainly paying off! This Friday is the biggest home junior night to date with ALL of our Friday night teams playing at either H1/H2 from 6:30pm so make sure you pop down and cheer them on.

It certainly was an Allens all-sorts for the seniors teams, with a mix of tight losses and stirring victories. Our MVL1 received a bit of a wake up call against a strong Frankston outfit, whilst the WPL couldn’t convert their chances in a 1-4 defeat to Mentone. Special mention must go to MPC who pulled together to record their first win of the season!

This weekend, our WPL/WPLR returns home to tackle Greensborough from 2pm Saturday, with the mighty undefeated Men’s Metro team playing in the lead-up match from 12:30pm at H1. Our MVL1/MVL1R travel for the second time in as many weeks as they tackle the newly MPL relegated Mentone – a real challenge the boys are ready to embrace.

Eyes on the ball Darci!

Performance of the week: Goes to the aforementioned Men’s Metro for winning their 4th consecutive match under the lights, surging to the top of the ladder after 5 rounds. Keep it up boys! Also, how dare we forget about the mighty McLaughlin trio. Brothers and best mates Hef, Campbell and Hughy all slotted a goal to create a bit of family history last weekend. Why can't they do it more often? #gotem


Round 6 Senior Fixtures:


MVL1 (6th) vs Mentone (2nd) | Sat 23rd May | 3:30pm @ MNT

The boys faced a bit of a reality check in last rounds match against Frankston. They started off the match with high tempo, but allowed 3 quick corner goals to fall into a deficit that they couldn’t recover from, eventually going down 4-6. What better chance to rebound then to have a crack at one of the best – last years relegated MPL team Mentone. The boys are ready for a crack at redemption and to prove a point in another tough fixture away from home. 

MVL1R (6th) vs Mentone (4th) | Sat 23rd May | 5:00pm @ MNT

MPA (7th) vs Hawthorn (8th) | Sun 24th May | 12:30pm @ H1

MPC (8th) vs Kew (7th) | Sun 24th May | 11:00am @ ELG

MMB (1st) vs Powerhouse St/Kilda (6th) | Sat 23rd May | 12:30pm @ H1


WPL (11th) vs Greensborough (7th) | Sat 23rd May | 3:30pm @ H1

Our WPL girls responded well last week to take it up to Mentone, but several Panther short corner goals proved their downfall in a 1-4 loss. The team arrives back home in round 6 to take on the historically strong Greensborough outfit this Saturday. With 4 teams locked on 3 points towards the tail end of the PL ladder, this is a vital match for our ladies to gain some ground back on the competition.

WPLR (11th) vs Greensborough (7th) | Sat 23rd May | 2:00pm @ H1

WPB (8th) vs Southern United (9th) | Sat 23rd May | 12:30pm @ MBN

WPC (8th) vs Brunswick (1st) | Sat 23rd May | 12:30pm @ BRU

WMA (9th) vs RMIT (6th) | Sat 16th May | 12:30pm @ F2


Round 4 Junior Fixtures:


U16B vs Powerhouse/St Kilda | Fri 22nd May | 9:00pm @ H1

U16G vs Southern United | Fri 22nd May | 7:45pm @ H1

U14 Pennant vs St Bernards | Fri 22nd May | 6:30pm @ H1

U14 District vs Powerhouse/St Kilda | Fri 22nd May | 7:45pm @ H2

U14G vs Doncaster | Fri 22nd May | 6:30pm @ H2

U12B Shield vs Doncaster | Sat 23rd May | 9:00am @ DON

U12B Puma vs MHSOB | Sat 23rd May | 8:30am @ MON

U12B Leopard vs MCC Blue | Sat 23rd May | 8:15am @ MHS

U12G Shield vs Southern United | Sat 23rd May | 9:15am @ H1

U12G Pennant vs Southern United | Sat 23rd May | 10:15am @ H1



Round 5 Senior Results:

MVL1 lost to Frankston 4-6
MVL1R defeated Frankston 4-2
MPA lost to Southern United 1-3
MPC defeated Footscray 2-1
MMB defeated Waverley 4-1

WPL lost to Mentone 1-4
WPLR lost to Mentone 1-6
WPB drew with Footscray 1-1
WPC lost to Footscray 0-2
WMA drew with Footscray 1-1

Round 3 Junior Results:

defeated St Bernards 1-0
U16G drew with Mentone 1-1
U14 Pen defeated Brunswick 2-1
U14 District lost to Camberwell 0-2
U14G defeated Waverley 2-1
U12 Shield defeated Footscray 5-4
U12 Puma defeated Hawthorn Blue 1-0
U12 Leopard defeated Hawthorn Red 3-1
U12G Shield lost to Doncaster 0-3
U12G Pen drew with Footscray 1-1