TEM Weekly Review #5

TEM Weekly Review #5

A great wrap up of another full on hockey week for TEMs! Some mixed results this week as our teams stepped up against some tough opponents.

Looking forward to a fantastic weekend ahead, with ALL senior teams playing at home – bring it on!!

Mens Vic League 1 – The VL1 Men headed West this week to take on the recently promoted PEGS Hockey Club. Looking sharp in the new TAC Towards Zero clash strip, TEM instantly asserted their authority with consistent pressure allowing the boys to get a stranglehold on the first half.

George Hurley decided he’d be the differentiator, driving the ball into the backboard to give TEM a 1-0 lead. A touch of complacency saw the boys fall away in the second half, allowing the determined home side to get back into the match. A less than flattering display of hockey saw TEM grind out the game with a late goal from James Hough sealing the victory 2-0.

Mens Vic League 1 Reserves – The Reserves arrived at PEGS on a sunny Saturday in windy conditions out at the PEGS playing fields. The game started off to a rocky start for TEM's, wasting a few good changes and getting caught on the counter attack going 1-0. Another goal before halftime gave PEGS a 2-0 lead with the boys playing some good hockey but unable to capitalise on the scoreboard.

The second half resulted in a similar trend with TEM dominating the majority of the play but could not get one in past the keeper resulting in a 2-0 loss. The boys will look to bounce back against Brunswick this week and get back on the winners list.

Mens Pennant A – TEM Men’s Pennant A headed out to the State Hockey Centre on Saturday for the Pennant A round. Playing a young Waverley side with a vocal bench the boys came away with a 4-0 victory with braces for Sammy Kleinschmidt and Jay MacPhie. The team played a strong 70 minutes of hockey and were well rewarded with the final score.

With 3 points separating the top four sides the team have an important home game on Saturday playing second placed MUHC.

Mens Pennant C – Pennant C faced KBH Brumbies this week, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  They got off to a shaky start, letting in two goals early on. The guys put in a better performance in the second half but still weren't able to make the most of some good opportunities. With a final score of 2 - 4 against with one goal each to Josh Ferguson and Cam Macphie, the latter scoring off a penalty stroke flicked hard into the roof of the net.

Next week Pennant C will be looking to lift from a two week slump that followed a solid win at the state center, it should be a good game to get down and watch and show your support for the guys as they take on Melbourne University on Saturday, H2 at 12:30.

Mens Metro B Red – Metro red who were playing away against the top of the table MHSOB which was made tougher by having only 11 players including the late call ups of Peter Webbell, and the one and only Victor Romagosa.

The first half was a tight affair with two early lapses leading straight to goals, but luckily the men scored two late ones of their own, including a vicious tomahawk from Victor. Unfortunately in the 2nd half like all the losses this season small defensive lapses cost Metro Red two goals despite having the better of the chances eventually going down 4-2.

Mens Masters – In Round 4 the TEM 35As lost to Greensborough 1-0, and the 35Bs had a great win over KBH Brumbies 3-1. The TEM 45Ds beat Camberwell Blue 5-0 while the 50Bs had another win, this time over Essendon 2-1 and are now sitting 4th on the ladder.

In Round 5, the 35As had a loss to a strong Hawthorn side 6-0 and are currently 7th on the ladder. The 35Bs lost 9-0 to Hawthorn as well, however the 45Ds had a win against Hawthorn as well – 4-0! They are currently 1st on the ladder with 29 goals for and only one against!




Womens Premier League – On the weekend, the Women’s Premier League team headed to Hedley Hull Field to take on Waverley. Both teams were fired up for a win after some difficult starting games of the season. The beginning of the first half saw Waverley convert a penalty corner in the first few minutes of the game, putting the home team up 1-0. Despite numerous scoring opportunities from TEM, Waverley defended their goal hard, managing to hold off the TEM women for the remainder of the half. The second half saw both teams trying their hardest to convert, however, and strong defence from both teams resulted in Waverley clinching the game at 1-0. 

Womens Premier League Reserves –The Reserves started with really good energy this weekend against Waverley. Unfortunately, an early goal against put the girls on the back foot early on. But the fight was on with some brilliant passages of play, some fantastic opportunities and some near misses. Ultimately, despite dominating for majority of the game, the early score remained the decider as TEM couldn't get the ball in the net and ended up 1-0 down. The girls have grown so much as a group already - the win is around the corner!! 

Womens Pennant A – Women’s Pennant A played at the beautiful state hockey centre on the weekend against Essendon. The conditions were perfect, unfortunately the team’s form wasn’t. Co-captains Jo Bowden and Karen Bussell had a cracking game, and saw plenty of action through the middle of the field. The Bombers sunk two in just before half time. A few orange slices later the team came back with more hunger for the ball. Superb positioning by Emma Barham in the second half kept the team right in the game bringing the score to 2-1. Whilst the final 10 minutes were impressive the team weren’t able to convert leaving the score at 2-1 to Essendon. 

Womens Pennant C – Last weekend the Pennant C girls went up against undefeated Waverley. The top side hadn't conceded any goals to date and TEM aimed to change that. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. The girls fought hard and had a few shots on goal but Waverley who had come down from Pennant B were too strong. Some great saves from Angie Ngo in goals but the final score was 4-0. Next weekend Pennant C play at home against second placed MUHC, let's hope to sing the club song for the fourth time in front of crowd.

Womens Metro A Red –The Metro Reds played a very respectable game against the number two side Southern United and finished with a 1:1 draw. The team looked every bit as good & learning to use their strengths in defense and attack and building a consistent game. TEM was threatening up front in the first half & with all forwards making good running space & pressing the goals they succeeded in converting a score. Tash Pollard & Katie Jewell ran like the wind up & down - back chasing until the very end. The middle & defense was strong with controlled passes & Eliza Shrimpton played a cracker in goals conceding only one score off a short corner. Well done Reds.

Womens Metro A Blue – On Saturday Metro Blue faced the undefeated Old Hailebury- a big task for stand-in coach James ‘Hef’ McLaughlin! They had scored 22 goals already this season so TEM knew that they would need to be on thei game. Hailebury dominated the first half with countless circle entries and a number of short corners, showcasing the strength of their attack.  

Metro Blue took a little while to find their feet but with Vetta Schroeder and Palma Casonato directing well from the back TEM managed to keep them to 4 goals in the first half, it could have been a lot more. Despite this, the team walked off the pitch at half time feeling a little dejected. A passionate and inspirational pep-talk from Eliza McLaughlin fired everyone up and TEM walked onto the pitch determined to score the first goal against them for the season. Throughout the second half the girls worked together as a unit, supporting each other and communicating. For the first ten minutes, Hailebury did not get the ball into their attacking half. TEM defensive press, made it very hard for them to get through. The coaching panel would have been proud!

Despite the strong defense, they managed to score another two goals by the end of the match. A much better second half and TEM walked off the pitch pleased with the performance against a tough, skilled team. A win is coming! A big thanks for Hef for filling in as coach!

Womens Masters – Masters A- lost 4-2 . A tough game saw super Sal Evans goalie unable to take the field due to injury. A skilful and fast paced game on both sides saw a younger Hawthorn get more goals on board. Congrats to the Hawthorn player on winning the women's round medal. Not willing to say her age out loud saw the lights go off during the presentation - be loud and proud ladies of our ages and abilities to be still playing! Thank you to our excellent ladies umpires bringing an international flavor!

Masters Women B- all games against Camberwell are tough affairs but this one was a rough and tumble affair literally! The game saw some great passing and awesome goals. As it was Women's round it was great to see the sisterhood out and about! Player of the match was by far the most experienced, Mary ‘Lofty’ Lofthouse, showing dinosaurs of all ages have still got it!