TEM Juniors Weekly Review #14


U16 Shield – The final 2016 home and away match against the all-conquering Essendon team was a potentially ominous valedictory outing for the six U16s who will be graduating to seniors next year. Last time around it was 17-nil, and the team thought they were at full strength that time. This week illness and injury had claimed several players, and TEM were down to a bench of one. What could have been a train wreck turned into an inspiring send-off. Second time stand-in goalie Conor Game produced his second best on ground performance for the year - even the opposition coach wanted to know where TEM found him! Compared to the recent weeks, the team found consistency and persistence. The score line was 9-0, which belies the quality of the game and the resilience of the team. It was a great performance to wrap up the year, and the improvement from TEM’s last match against Essendon showed just how far many of the players have come this year.

U16 District - It was a rough start to the day with only 7 of the usual starters available. A big thank you to Olivia Freeman, Bec Wagg, Noah Murphy, Che Talbot, and Finn Allen for filling in this week. The game started in some pretty exciting fashion with TEM taking the lead for the second time in the season. But MCC weren't done by any means, but against relentless attack the TEM back line performed superbly. But when a well-organised corner was executed the ball just managed to sneak in.

U14 Girls Shield – The Under 14 Girls were put to the challenge against second placeDoncaster on Friday night. The girls started well taking the lead 2-0 into the half time break. However Doncaster came out firing in the second half catching the Lions napping and ended with a flurry of goals to beat the girls 3-2.

U14 Girls Pennant – The Under 14 Pennant Girls finished the season with a 3-0 loss to Mornington. Even playing with a kicking back, the girls had their best defensive game of the season! Special mention to the defenders for saving countless goals on the line. So proud of how far all the girls have come, hope to see you all back next year!

U14 Shield – The U14 Shield team finished the season with a 4-0 loss to Southern. Despite the score line, TEM controlled large portions of the match but couldn’t put any goals on the scoresheet. It has been evident of the improvement over the season, especially in the second half of the year. Hope to see you all back next year!

U14 Mixed District - The U14 Mixed District team came up against a 2nd placed Powerhouse. The team went down early in the first half with Powerhouse scoring an early goal. TEM kept their heads up through halftime and with some persistent forward pressure in the second half the team managed to secure a corner. With a well-placed slap by Bennett West the scores were levelled. The score stayed tied for majority of the game until Powerhouse scored from a well drilled corner. The game finished up 2-1 in Powerhouse's favor but there are some good signs going into finals.

U12 Shield – Every encounter with Essendon this year has been a challenge. Good on the TEM lads for trying to hang in there against a well-drilled larger Bomber outfit. 10-1 was the end score. Have urged the kids to practice their skills over Summer - on top of any teams that they may play in during the 'off' season. Lots of good improvement occurred during the year - but more to do. Thanks to all the parents for their part. Best of luck to the Lions and the Shield Girls in the finals race. Farewell to the lads moving up to U14 - enjoy the step up.

U12 Girls Shield – The TEM U12 Girls finished the season with a draw to Waverley. Finishing third on the ladder they will play Camberwell in the semifinal this weekend. While the score on the weekend was 0-0 they did have many scoring chances. Let’s hope the goals go in this weekend!

U12 District Tigers – It was a very chaotic morning for the U12 Tigers only having 6 'regulars' playing the match. Boosted by 4 superstar U10 girls (in their first match of full field hockey) the Tigers took an early lead and looked totally in control. Unfortunately Hawthorn managed to steal possession just before half time sending TEM into the break down 2-1. The second half was incredibly close! The scores flocked in for both teams: 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4... Looking to tie the game with 5min on the clock Sandy Edmonson was denied by an unbelievable stick save on the line; if only we hadn't wasted our video referral. Hawthorn took advantage of the shell-shocked Lions and capitalised on a breakaway to make the final deficit 5-3. A huge thanks to all the U10 girls for filling in!!!