Mens Metro B march on

Sporting elite fitness and a training culture the envy of the world of hockey, the Mens Metro B team continue to cut a swathe through their competition and remain TEM's only team to still boast a 100% record.

This week it was PHSTK to suffer at the might of MMB falling to a 6-0. A hat-trick for Damo, a brace for Stu McPhie and a first ever goal for Lindsay Ondracek brought home the points.

Watching on in admiration, the Club's Coaching Director, Victor was heard to exclaim "Son lentos , viejos y basura!" Roughly translated, Victor was intimating that the VL1 team should be looking over their shoulders for these tyros.


TEM Preseason Wrap

There has been a ton of action around the TEM Clubrooms this preseason so read on to check out our progress in all the sections.  It’s not too late to get involved with the seasons starting just over a month away, so dust off those hockey sticks and come on down!

The preseason numbers have been outstanding with team-based training commencing from this week. There will be a combined pre-season boot camp with the womens section this weekend, before the commencement of practice matches. The season begins for all mens teams on April 18th/19th. Click here for more details

The top squad has played out two well-fought practice matches with Kew and Greensborough in recent weeks. The women will join the men for a pre-season boot camp this weekend. The season begins for all womens teams on April 18th/19th. Click here for more details

Heaps going on! The U12/U14/U16 have all begun training with the U10 also commencing tonight. U8 & Hook In2 Hockey begin from the 26th March. There is also the Flames Girls College and Boys preseason development program continuing to take our young guns to the next level. The season begins for all junior levels on May 1st/2nd. Click here for more details

Preseason is going beautifully as the summer masters season wraps up, one of our womens teams being victorious! New players are encouraged to register in one of our many teams for 2015. The Masters season will commence from Monday, April 13th. Click here for more details

2015 Rule changes

Read below for a list of changes to be made for the 2015 season and the grades to which they apply:

1. Stick above the shoulder: 
Only applicable to Premier League and Premier League Reserve competitions. They are able to trap the ball with the stick above shoulder level.

2. Green card 2min suspension:
now applicable to ALL grades.

3. Breaking at Penalty Corners: 
now applicable to ALL grades. Offenders sent back to the half line.

4. Free hits within the 5-yard dotted line:
The ability to take attacking free hits, awarded within 5 metres of the edge of the circle, from the point of the offence. The change states that the ball still has to travel at least 5 metres before it can be played into the circle, or alternatively has to be touched by another player of either team, other than the player taking the free hit. Applicable to ALL grades.

5. Long corner positional change:
Play will now be re-started with the ball on the 23 metres line and in line with where it crossed the back-line. Applicable to ALL grades

New Mens VL1 and VL1R Coaches

IAN KLEINSCHMIDT will be the Mens Vic League 1 coach for the 2015 season. He will bring a wealth of experience in his return to Melbourne, and we're very excited that he's agreed to jump on board given his extended history with us. A huge thanks to Hugh Mclaughlin for his tireless efforts in the 2014 season, your efforts will not be forgotten. And ROB MACPHIE has agreed to jump on board as the Mens Vic League 1 Reserves coach, again bringing a wealth of experience to the side as they attempt to go one better in 2015.