The Constantian Club was formed in 2005 by Keith Needham (Life Member and past President) with the view to assisting club members in their hockey development. It is administered by Keithʻs daughter Leesa Needham (life member, player and past President). We have had a number of donations over the years which have been able to provide financial assistance to TEM members with State team &  equipment expenses and coaching clinics.

Currently, the TEM hockey club is putting a huge emphasis on developing the coaching of ALL teams (junior and senior) which we believe to be a vital area of focus for the future of the Club. All players have benefited and will continue to benefit from the coaching programs we are developing. Donations to the Constantian Club will help these coaching programs continue for the benefit of all players.

How does the Constantian Club work?

TEM Hockey Club has registered the Constantian Club as a project with the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd (ASF). Unconditional donations of $2 or over to the ASF nominating this project as your preferred beneficiary are tax deductable. Anyone can choose to support the Constantian Club in this way by visiting the ASF website at

All grants received from the ASF will be applied to the Constantian Club fund.

For more details on the Constantian Club, please contact Leesa Needham