Umpiring can help a person to develop communication skills, and improve their decision making ability and judgement. Many players also find that umpiring improves their ability to read the play – leading to an improvement in their playing skills. TEM is committed to developing umpires of all ages, to ensuring as many opportunities as possible are available every weekend to suit a range of levels of competence, and to coach umpires so that they can reach new levels of accreditation.

Qualities and commitment:  We are looking for junior and senior players who have sufficient maturity, understanding of the rules, and ability to take an active interest in umpiring.  All we ask is that players are coachable and are keen to do the best job they can.

Basic equipment: umpires will need a hockey standard whistle, cards and neat attire including umpire shirt. Always go to Just Hockey for cards and whistles, as the correct equipment is important.

Junior Umpire Pathway

U10 competition:  The Central Flames Umpire Development Officer coordinates a squad of young umpires for U10 competition on Saturday mornings. This is a great place to get started. Matches are usually between 10-12noon, and the venue alternates between Melbourne High School and H1/H2.

U12 competition:  Junior umpires can also get started at the U12 district level. We will form a squad of approx. 8 juniors for these matches. Umpires will be assessed before progressing to U12 shield level, as it can be quite a big step.  Games are between 8-12noon on Saturday mornings, and should be in the local area.

U14/U16 competition:  Due to their availability, Friday night umpires are usually teenage players or university students who have finished playing juniors.  There are occasional opportunities for U16 players to umpire earlier games at home fixtures, but juniors are not permitted to umpire a match that finishes within 45mins of the start of their own match, and they would not generally umpire their own age group.

Umpire Coaching and Accreditation

Players umpiring U10s will receive umpire coaching and mentoring from a pool of Central Flames coaches.   TEM will endeavour to provide regular umpire coaching at U12 and U14/U16 home rounds. We are training some of our officials to become umpire coaches, and may also utilise the expertise of external umpire coaches where practicable.

All umpires should be familiar with various online resources for umpire education.  The main resource for accreditation is Another useful resource is the official FIH rulebook which can be downloaded, at no charge, to your phone. Search “rules of hockey” in your Apps store to find it. Beginner umpires should complete the community umpire accreditation, then can get started at either U10 or U12 level. A practical, on-field assessment when ready can be arranged.  Readiness can take a few weeks or months, depending on the confidence and ability of the umpire to officiate at the U12 district level.

Go to for all online umpire accreditation courses and information. Go to for information and registration for Level 1 Umpire, Level 2 Umpire, Level 1 Technical Officer, Level 1 Umpire Coach.

Umpire Payments

TEM will pay umpires according to the HV recommendations for 2019. All approved education expenses will be covered by the club. After you have completed a course, email Bruce Cook ( and he will reimburse the cost of the course.

Senior Match Rosters

HV will appoint umpires to PL, PLR and WPA matches and other matches depending on availability.   All other matches are to be covered by TEM.

It is not the sole responsibility of any single person to source umpires.  The umpire coordinator makes appointments and then emails the roster to all team managers, umpires and officials by Thursday. This enables gaps to be identified and brings people together to work to use the various resources available to get all matches covered.

Technical Bench and Technical Officer Development

HV appoints Technical Officers to officiate at all Premier League matches and will be assisted by a club appointed trained Judge. Judges do not require accreditation but TEM will provide informal training by having you work side by side with qualified people until you are confident to go solo.

Technical Officers require formal accreditation and the starting point for this is experience as a Judge and a reasonable understanding of the rules of hockey.