Masters games are played on Monday nights (mens over 35 and mens over 45) and Wednesday nights (mens over 50 and womens over 35) at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm at home and away grounds.

In 2017 TEM will field the following masters teams:


  • Two over 35 teams
  • At least one over 45 team
  • one over 50 B grade


  • At least one over 35 team

We are keen to welcome new players to any of these teams.


  • If you play for another club in a weekend seniors competition, it's OK to play in a different club for masters. You don't need to get a clearance for this. You would have a dual registration with Hockey Victoria. You can also play with one club in the Monday 35+/45+ competitions, and a different club in the Wednesday 50+ competition.
  • The "mens" competitions are not strictly for men only, they are open competitions. A number of clubs (including TEM) have some women playing in their mens teams.

If you are interested in playing masters hockey with TEM in 2017 please contact

Womens masters teams: email:

Mens masters teams:     Alan Leary
                                        phone  0417 520 593