Registration is now closed for the 2017 season. 

Click here for details of our Summer 2017/18 comps

Welcome to 2017

2017 promises to be an exciting season for TEM and we would love you to be part of it.

  • Our Senior men have returned to Premier League after a three year absence and our Senior women enter the season full of confidence following a great finish to 2016.   We also anticipate having a third pennant team for both our women's and men's sections as well as teams in the metro competition
  • Our Juniors continue to grow and we are now one of the few Clubs with Mixed Shield and Girls' Shields in each of the U12, U14 and U16 competitions.
  • Our Masters teams continue to provide a great hockey experience and social environment for our older members who have a preference to play against people of a similar age bracket.
  • Last, but not least, we have a buzzing environment for newcomers to hockey with great intra-club programs to help new comers have an enjoyable introduction to our sport.


TEM’s fees for 2017 are listed below.  These are in addition to the HV fees which all players must pay before they are able to commence playing.

TEM 2017 subscription Fees Goalie
Juniors - under 6 (born 2011 or later) $20 n/a
Juniors – under 8 (born 2009-2010) $100 n/a
Juniors – under 10 (born 2007-2008) $200 n/a
Juniors – under 16, 14 (born 2001-2004) who are ALSO playing Seniors $650 $500
Juniors – under 16, 14 or 12 (born 2001-2006) $390 $240
Juniors – under 16, 14, or 12 (born 2001-2006); second or subsequent child $330 $180
Seniors – who are playing in Premier League or Reserves $775 $625
Full time Students who are playing in Premier League or Reserves $560 $410
Seniors – other Grades $650 $500
Full time students playing in other Senior Grades $480 $330
Masters Players – who are also playing Seniors $870 $720
Masters Players – who are playing in one Masters Competition only $360 $210
Masters Players – who are playing in two Masters Competitions $580 $430
Social Membership – non playing members with voting rights $25 n/a
Family Cap (available to parents and children living at the same address) $1,700

Transferring Members

If you are transferring from another Club please contact Bruce Cook ( or 0418 991 935) before you commence the registration process.

Registration Process

For existing members please note that we have set up a new registration system which we hope you will find simpler and easier to use than previous years.

The main change is that we will send you an email with a link which will take you straight to your personalised data where you can complete your registration in family groups.  Most of your data is pre-filled with information from 2016 but we ask you to check it carefully because unfortunately errors do occur.  If we have missed a family member you will be able to add them.  Similarly you can split out a family member should it be necessary.  You should NOT click the “New Member Registration” link unless you do not receive this email.

Unfortunately, registration remains a two stage process.

  • The link below will enable you to register with TEM.  You must complete your TEM registration before you commence playing (but payment can be made later, see below)
  • At the end of the TEM registration there is a link to enable you to complete your HV registration.  This MUST be completed, and paid at the same time, before you commence playing.

Payment Options

At the end of the TEM section of the registration process an invoice will automatically be generated showing full details of your registration.  You will also have the option of making an immediate online payment via Visa or MasterCard, or you may elect to pay later by EFT or by instalments.  (We’d prefer that you pay by EFT because this saves the Club bank charges!)

If you choose to pay by instalments you must contact to initiate up a payment plan.  Plans will involve payment by monthly payments (less if joining after the season has commenced) using a direct debit against your Visa or MasterCard.

Please note that fees must be paid, or a payment plan initiated by the start of Round 4 for seniors (13 May) & Masters (8 May) or Round 3 for Juniors (12 May). 

If payment has not been received or a payment plan is not in place by these dates, you will not be eligible for selection in any TEM team.

Hockey Victoria membership

As specified above, all players must be registered both with HV and with TEM before they can play in any competition games during the season.  HV membership is $65 for players over 18 and $50 for players under 18, and $37.50 for players under 10 and includes unlimited entry to the State Netball and Hockey Centre through 20171, excluding the U10 membership.   For further information regarding the various types of HV memberships please visit or go directly to the TEM HV members portal at