Once again, the time has come to brush up on the one hit wonders of the 80s, obscure foreign political events and useless sporting facts that have never come in handy until now, because TEM TRIVIA NIGHT IS BACK! 

Are you wasting your time studying for SACs? Uni exams? Writing your Nobel Prize acceptance speech? Well the TEM Trivia Night is here to make sure you force that useful information out of your brain for one evening and make room for facts about:
⁃ the winner of the 1976 Eurovision song contest
⁃ the invention of the pavolova
⁃ when Lofty will play her thousandth game for the club?

And many more facts guaranteed to be of no real help to you at all!

Date: Saturday 29 June
Time: 6.30pm (dinner); 7.45pm (trivia)
Location: Hawthorn Hotel

Fill in this form to guarantee a table - first come, first served - only 13 available. Cost for a table of 10 is $150.