We’re back baby!

After the bye last weekend, all of our junior and senior teams are raring to go as the second half of the season begins!

But first off, a massive shout out is needed for all those that contributed to the livestream event last round. It was incredible to see such great support for the club, and they were rewarded with two thrilling matches! Hopefully we can continue to recreate that awesome home ground vibe for the rest of the year. If you missed the livestream, no need to worry! Click on the following link for full match replays - http://www.temhockey.com/live

If you are looking for home matches this round, then there are some games for you! Our U14G and U16B are on H2 Friday night, a treble of junior matches on H2 Sat morning and a MPC/WPC double header from 12:30pm Sunday on H1. Our top teams face stern tests away to La Trobe and Altona as they look to back up their good form.

As always, best of luck to you all! Let us know how you go and keep the photos coming #gotem

Performance of the (last) week: Goes to our wonderful Women’s Pennant B! The ladies took on a tough MCC outfit that sat 2nd on the ladder, and they knocked them off 2-1 in enemy territory! Hopefully the girls can continue their good form and break into the top 4.

Milestones: We have two this week! Fiona Troise (WMA) will play her 300th match this weekend at H2 this Saturday at 2pm, and Yvette Schroeder (WPC) will play her 200th at home as well on Sunday at 2pm. Get around these magnificent ladies!



Our magnificent milestone ladies Yvette and Fiona!!


Round 8 Senior Fixtures:


MVL1 (6th) vs La Trobe Uni (7th) | Sun 14th June | 12:45pm @ S2

What a fight back by the MVL1 boys in their last showing, coming from 0-3 down in the last 20 minutes to draw with ladder leaders MUHC 3-3. Despite all of their good work, the boys still find themselves in 6th place in a large pack fighting for a top 4 birth. La Trobe has found some recent good form, and will leapfrog TEM with a victory on Sunday. Alternatively, our boys can put some distance between themselves and the chasing pack with a win.

MVL1R (6th) vs La Trobe Uni (9th) | Sun 14th June | 11:15am @ S2

MPA (7th) vs Greensborough (4th) | Sat 13th June | 12:30pm @ GRN2

MPC (8th) vs Yarra Valley (9th) | Sun 14th June | 12:30pm @ H1

MMB (1st) vs MUHC (8th) | Sun 14th June | 11:00am @ MUH


WPL (10th) vs Altona (8th) | Sat 13th June | 3:30pm @ ALT

The WPL girls also turned it on for the cameras in last rounds live stream event, pouncing for 3 first half goals before grinding out a 3-1 win vs MCC. Their match vs Altona poses a similar challenge with the Seagulls only one win ahead of our girls on the ladder. The “Snakepit” can be a very daunting ground for every team in the comp, so lets hope our girls can pinch the 3 points and continue their winning form!

WPLR (10th) vs Altona (7th) | Sat 13th June | 5:00pm @ ALT

WPB (5th) vs Waverley (8th) | Sun 14th June | 3:45pm @ S2

WPC (8th) vs Essendon Ladies (9th) | Sun 14th June | 2:00pm @ H1

WMA (7th) vs Hawthorn (1st) | Sat 13th June | 2:00pm @ H2


Round 6 Junior Fixtures:


U16B vs Brunswick | Fri 12th June | 9:00pm @ H2

U16G vs Kew | Fri 12th June | 6:30pm @ S1

U14 Pennant vs Geelong | Fri 12th June | 7:45pm @ GEL

U14 District vs Hawthorn Red | Fri 12th June | 6:30pm @ H1

U14G vs Southern United | Fri 12th June | 7:45pm @ H2

U12B Shield vs Essendon | Sat 13th June | 10:15am @ H2

U12B Puma vs Hawthorn Red | Sat 13th June | 8:15am @ H2

U12B Leopard vs Powerhouse St/Kilda | Sat 13th June | 11:15am @ APK

U12G Shield vs Footscray | Sat 13th June | 10:00am @ F2

U12G Pennant vs Kew | Sat 13th June | 9:15am @ H2



Round 7 Senior Results:

MVL1 drew with MUHC 3-3
MVL1R defeated MUHC 3-2
MPA lost to Camberwell 0-6
MPC defeated Southern United 4-1
MMB defeated Maccabi (2) 3-0

WPL defeated MCC 3-1
WPLR lost to MCC 0-8
WPB defeated MCC 2-1
WPC lost to MCC 1-3
WMA defeated Powerhouse St/Kilda 1-0

Round 5 Junior Results:

lost to Geelong 0-2
U16G defeated Gippsland Bulls 3-2
U14 Pen lost to Doncaster 1-3
U14 District defeated MCC 3-0
U14G drew with Yarra Valey 0-0
U12 Shield lost to Yarra Valley 0-3
U12 Puma lost to MCC Red 1-3
U12 Leopard lost to Hawthorn Blue 0-2
U12G Shield drew with Camberwell 0-0
U12G Pen lost to Mornington 0-2